For Sale: Fresh Video Of The Troubled Offspring Of A Celebrity Couple

"I'm an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia with a client who has high quality video footage of a famous celebrity's daughter (she's already 18) smoking marijuana from a water bong and discussing using other drugs as well."

The above unsolicited offer landed in our tip box this afternoon courtesy of Eckhart Blackert, an attorney with Mills & Hoopes in Lawrenceville, Georgia. In a phone conversation, Blackert explained that he is marketing a fresh seven-minute video--shot this past weekend--featuring Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina.

In return for signing a confidentiality agreement, Blackert, 32, offered to provide a 547 megabyte clip, which was shot by a “friend” who partied with the teenager. The attorney assured us that the video he is “shopping around” shows different drug use than is depicted in photos recently sold to/published by the National Enquirer.

Since TSG does not pay for stories or tips, Blackert and his client will have to seek their fortune elsewhere (which means look for that TMZ or Radar Online “EXCLUSIVE” in the next few days).

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The video was shot by a "friend". That tells you what kind of person Eckhart Blackert is. He is most likely a horrible attorney and has to make a living selling pictures taken by his drug using friends. The wedding pictures were hilarious. What a pathetic excuse for a lawyer.
Does no one reading this realize that tsg makes money by exposing people?
I love tsg and read it all the time ... but who is tsg to judge a guy who, like, tsg, exposes people? Well, they are exposing him, so thats an argument in favor of tsg. So tsg and this guy both like to expose people.. why does tsg dislike the guy so much? Because he wants to be paid and they don't like to pay? tsg seems like a real scum bag for this one. And you people hating on this guy and his wife are just sick; maybe they are in love, and you are really jealous because you focus on his money and beautiful wife. Selling content like he's doing is the norm, and not some crazy out-of-the-blue idea.
Dude, need the number for the brunette bridesmaid. I would tap that in a heartbeat.
great job!!! hilarious!!! thank you tsg!
I bet if you offered him a $50 gift card to Sonic he would give you the video in a second. Forget the bathtub, what's up with everyone else in the wedding party also being over 300 pounds or totally fugly?
Yes and yes! This looks like a scene from Sesame Street; "which one of these is not like the others?" The bride must feel like Marilyn Munster.
good one.
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Good for you guys! Stick it to the scum bag lawyer. Hope his wife sees this and realizes she married the kind of guy who would happily drag a young person obviously in trouble into worse trouble for his thirty gold pieces. Lawyer? Try a whore who is trying to sell anything a lawyer could mean (b/c there are some good ones out there) to be nothing but a dirty, conniving, dollar chasing prostitute. His wedding photos made me feel slimy.