Casdorph The Destroyer Back In Jail, Accused Of Huffing, Striking Mother With Spatula

Casdorph The Destroyer is again behind bars.

West Virginia cops last week busted Glenn Allen Casdorph, 30, after he allegedly assaulted his mother with a spatula during a confrontation in their suburban Charleston home.

In addition to a malicious wounding count, Casdorph was also charged with huffing spray paint (an addiction that resulted in his prior appearance in these pages).

The 6’ 4” Casdorph, mouth ringed with silver paint, is pictured in the above mug shot. He is locked up in lieu of $10,000 bail.

As TSG reported in 2015, the origin of the defendant’s “Casdorph The Destroyer” nickname is unclear. He was previously known as “Squirrel,” a handle Casdorph reportedly did not embrace.