Alleged Lube Thief Collared Thanks To Vigilance Of Florida Gift Store Employee

After spotting Rudy Marenco “looking at ‘Orgasmix’ lubrication” in the rear of a Spencer’s in Florida, a gift store employee investigated yesterday and “noticed an empty box of the lube in front of him.”

So worker Alisha Hefner confronted Marenco, 21, after he walked out of the store in Bradenton’s DeSoto Square Mall. “She asked him where the lube was and she observed him remove it from his right pocket,” according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report.

Seen at left, Marenco apologized to Hefner for nicking the $7.99 product, which is described on the Spencer’s web site as “an enhancement gel for women--for orgasmic pleasure and increased sensitivity.”

Following Marenco’s arrest for the lube theft, a deputy searched him and discovered a small bag of marijuana in his pants pocket. Charged with theft and pot possession, Marenco was booked into the county jail.