Drunk, Naked Guy Searching For Sex Partner Instead Ends Up Behind Bars

Meet Joshua Ivy.

The 27-year-old Tennessee man--nude and carrying an unopened can of Coors Light--was arrested early Friday after residents of a Florida beach community called 911 to report “a naked white male banging on their windows and doors.”

When police arrived at a condominium complex in Santa Rosa Beach, they discovered Ivy was “completely naked and appeared extremely intoxicated.” Ivy, whose speech was slurred, could not recall how much booze he had consumed, where he was staying, or how he had gotten to the Grand Isle Condominiums.

But he did have an explanation for why he was pounding on doors. Ivy, a police report notes, said that he was “searching for someone to have sexual intercourse with.”

Ivy’s 3:30 AM quest, however, ended only with his arrest for disorderly intoxication. He spent about five hours in custody before posting $1000 bond on the misdemeanor charge.

Police found Ivy’s clothing in the condo parking lot.