Four More Arrests In Brutal Delaware Street Beating Caught On Tape

Delaware cops have arrested four more suspects in connection with last week’s wild street fight, a video of which went viral online.

The latest perps nabbed for the March 2 melee (which sent two victims to the hospital with fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, and head lacerations) are Kilyle Goode, 21; Lacree Rue, 23; Jeremiah Ireland, 31; and Thomas Bolden, 12. All four were charged with assault, disorderly conduct, conspiracy, and riot.

Goode, Rue, and Ireland are pictured, left to right, in the above mug shots. Goode, wearing glasses, is seen at the video’s outset punching the male victim in the head, and he later joins two women in the punching and stomping of the female victim.

Three women were arrested earlier in the week for their alleged roles in the street beating. Dover Police Department Captain Tim Stump told TSG that investigators “keep plugging away,” and that additional collars are expected.

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Seven arrested so far make it a fair fight.......7 against 2, Ok, you win but I bet the losers have better credit scores.
Did you hear Jesse Jackson's condemnation of this attack? No? Neither did I.
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Curious this wasn't branded a hate crime.
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