Man With Admitted “Drinking Problem” Busted For Drunk Driving

A Connecticut man wearing an “I Have A Drinking Problem” t-shirt was arrested last night for drunk driving after losing control of his car and crashing it into a house.

James Johnson, 50, was busted by police in Webster, Massachusetts, his fourth such collar. Johnson is pictured in the mug shot at right.

When cops arrived at the crash scene, they found Johnson’s Ford pickup truck atop the front steps of a private residence. Though he was alone in the vehicle, Johnson claimed to cops that that the truck was being driven by his brother when the crash occurred, according to a police press release.

Johnson’s shirt carries the logo of Senor Frog’s, a restaurant chain.

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first of all... the 2 dogs were in the car, 2nd this would be his only 2nd dui IF he is convicted. REMEMBER Inoccent until proven guilty. His last DUI was 1986. 24 years ago. 3rd the shirt was a present that was given to him that day as a joke. 4th this man is the sweetest person in the world he is kind and a wonderful father and husband of 25 yrs. People get the facts straight and dont judge someone just because of a dumb t shirt. 5th He was not driving the truck his brother Kevin Johnson was and Kevin fleed the sceen. Jim was in the passenger seat. further more his son brought him a new shirt to wear to court, but Webster police refused to let him change his shirt and set him up for humilation and failure. The police made a mockary of him and an example. just one more thing our finest police do to make peoples lifes hell. And finally there was only 250 dollars damage to the bottom stair of the deck. No one was hurt and there was no damage to the truck.
Are you in fairy tale land?? Kevin wasnt there! Isnt it funny that there was a witness at the scene of the accident and he stated that Jim WAS driving the truck. You need to stop blaming other people......put the blame where it truly belongs.....on the person driving drunk! Thank god he didnt injure or kill anyone when he decided to drive drunk.
Such refreshing honesty, he should run for Congress
LMFAO hilarious!!!!!
The key is to very quickly distance yourself from the crash. If possible, head to the nearest bar or liquor cabinet, and begin drinking. this way, you can say that after the hitchhiker crashed your truck, you were in shock, and left the scene and started drinking. Then you get charged with leaving the scene of an accident, instead of DUI or worse. I do it all the time.
Wrong guy putzboy - Try Ted Kennedy!
"putzboy"? holy effin LOL! Nope, pretty sure that it's me I'm talking about, because I am pretty sure Ted Kennedy is not in any condition to drive. Or drink.