DUI Suspect, 20, Offered Cops Brilliant Explanation For Why He Reeked Of Alcohol

After driving his car into a ditch, an Illinois man who reeked of booze explained to police that the reason they smelled alcohol on his breath was because he had “been making out with his girlfriend this evening and she had been drinking.”

As detailed in a Peoria County Sheriff's Office report, Trevor Smith drove a Dodge Charger off the road early Saturday evening in a single-vehicle accident. Deputies responding to the crash scene noted that Smith, who turns 21 tomorrow, appeared intoxicated. Additionally, they reported detecting the odor of burnt marijuana in the vehicle, and discovered an open bottle of vodka in the car.

Smith, who twice declined to provide a breath sample and denied having consumed alcohol, was arrested for DUI after failing a series of field sobriety tests.

Pictured above, Smith “told deputies the reason he smelled like alcohol was that he had been making out with his girlfriend this evening and she had been drinking.” He added, for some unknown reason, that “he made love to his girlfriend because 'We make love, we’re all adults here.’”

Though entirely plausible, Smith’s post-arrest odor transference explanation did not prompt deputies to void criminal charges.

Smith, records show, had been arrested a week earlier, also for DUI (he was nabbed on November 11 by Illinois State Police officers). Smith, who lives in Galesburg, a city 45 miles from Peoria, is free on bond in both misdemeanor cases.