Tom Brady Superfan Sought On Multiple Felony Narcotics Warrants, Records Show

UPDATE: Turns out Thompson had an airtight excuse for missing his court dates: he was dead. The Lowell, Massachusetts native died last June of a sudden illness at a New Hampshire hospital. Thompson, who was 47, was survived by his father, three siblings, his wife, and five children. Thompson’s obituary included his nickname--“Helmet Head”--and noted that, “Victor loved the New England Patriots.”

On the eve of Tom Brady’s seventh appearance in the Super Bowl, the quarterback’s biggest fan is a wanted man.

Victor Thompson, 48, is named in four separate arrest warrants, according to Florida court records. Three of the warrants are for felony narcotics possession cases, while the fourth warrant is for Thompson’s failure to appear in court on another drug case.

The warrants, all issued in mid- to late-2015, accuse Thompson of possessing spice, the synthetic hallucinogen. In each case, Thompson was found carrying the drug by St. Petersburg Police Department officers. One court affidavit charges that Thompson “was using and selling narcotics” outside a homeless shelter.

If apprehended, Thompson will be locked up in jail on a combined $13,000 bail, records show.

While Thompson’s whereabouts are unknown, the Massachusetts native--who relocated to Florida a few years ago--is not hard to miss. As seen in the above mug shots, Thompson has a replica of Brady’s football helmet tattooed on his head.  

Thompson’s ink includes New England Patriots logos, Brady’s number 12, the NFL shield, an American flag, and the name of the helmet’s manufacturer, Riddell. Football fans will also recognize a small green dot indicating that Brady’s helmet contains speakers allowing him to receive plays relayed from the sideline. Thompson’s head also includes a replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which is awarded to the Super Bowl’s winning team.

On “personal data information” sheets filed with the arrest warrants, investigators offer identifying details of the wanted man. “Entire head tattooed as Patriots football helmet,” one sheet notes.