Woman, 21, Chased By Cops Jumps From Moving Car, Hides In Evergreen Tree

Meet Christine Stroh.

The North Dakota motorist, 21, was being pursued early Saturday by a highway patrolman when she allegedly decided to bolt her moving 1998 Pontiac Sunfire and make a run for it. Which likely came as a surprise to Stroh’s two passengers, who were still in the car--which had been traveling at 30 mph--when it crashed into a snowbank.

According to an affidavit sworn by Trooper Jeremy Rost, Stroh “then fled on foot to a nearby evergreen tree.” She “was laying in the thick evergreen trees and refused to come out,” added Rost.

But when Stroh, pictured in the above mug shot, heard the approaching sound of police sirens, she attempted to flee on foot. The suspect, though, “lost her high heels and was running bare foot on the ice. The female slipped on ice and was taken into custody.”

A subsequent Breathalyzer test revealed Stroh’s blood alcohol content to be .177, more than twice the legal limit. So, along with reckless endangerment, fleeing, and driving under suspension, Stroh was hit with a drunk driving rap.

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Now, can anyone imagine a cow hiding in a pine tree?
Too funny! I love what most of you have to say. Its so funny. I kinda doubt she's related to the big boobs freezer peezer. They aren't the only 2 drunk women with big Chi Chi's after all! She shouldda put a camaflauge cap over each boob and I think she wouldda gotten away!
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I call shenanigans. There are no trees in North Dakota
I'd be a passenger in her runaway Sunfire any day...
BIMBO. I imagine the cops had a real good laugh.
Isn't this the woman from the cleavage beef story?
Wonder if she is related to the cow who peed in the freezer, boobs and alcohol a dangerous mix.
Anyone that has a chi-chi's THAT big couldn't be hiding from anybody! "uhh, sarge! i maybe better check those huge protrusions out over there. I have a feeling our suspect may be in the area" !!