Defendant Wore "Fuck The Police" T-Shirt To Florida Court Hearing (At Which He Was Acquitted)

A Florida man who was cited by cops for driving with an obscured license plate last week wore a “Fuck The Police” t-shirt to a court hearing that ended with his acquittal on the traffic infraction charge.

Michael Burns, 34, was ticketed in mid-May by Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies who alleged that the tag on his 2004 Ford was obscured. Burns contends he was singled out as retaliation for his frequent videotaping of police.

Following a brief trial last Monday, a hearing officer acquitted Burns of the vehicular charge. As seen above, Burns wore a black t-shirt with the words “Fuck The Police” on the back of the garment. Video of the court appaearance was shot by a friend of Burns, who put the clip online.

Burns (seen at right) was arrested last year on a pot possession charge in Florida's Pasco County. But he also beat that case when prosecutors decided not to pursue the misdemeanor charge.