Grabby Rabbi Gets Two Months In Prison For In-Flight Molestation

The rabbi convicted for a recent in-flight molestation was sentenced this morning to 60 days in prison and immediately placed into custody.

Gavriel Bidany, who faced a maximum of six months, was sentenced by Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes, who found the grabby rabbi guilty during a bench trial earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. In announcing Bidany’s sentence, Reyes said that the defendant “testified falsely” at trial.

Bidany, 47, was convicted of fondling a 23-year-old woman aboard a March 27 Delta Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to New York City. Pictured in the mug shot at right, Bidany is a married father of 11 and lives with his family in Israel. The victim is an Israeli Army officer who was traveling to New York on a fundraising trip sponsored by Israel Bonds.

In a victim’s impact statement read by prosecutor David Sarratt, the woman remarked that she “lost my innocence” due to the fondling. She added that, “A burn leaves a scar which cannot be removed.”

Bidany’s sentencing came two days after three of his adult children wrote Reyes claiming that if their father was incarcerated their chances of finding a spouse via the matchmaking process would be hindered.

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Listening to the children whine about how they need Daddy for matchmaking, I thought "why aren't they bawling Daddy out for screwing things up for them?"
If I were all of you that are just having a blast, I would be really worried. Anybody can accuse anybody of anything, and the US Govt. will back it up and prosecute. Especially if you have a beard. I know the Rabbi personally and it is not possible this episode occured. What should alarm all of us is, somebody can concoct something, no matter how outlandish, and bingo, you're in jail. Truth doesn't enter into the equation, you are a cooked goose. It should alarm all of us. An innocent man, a truly special man, got screwed today. It can happen to any of us, without cause. Step back and ponder this.
Oh don't worry, with your obvious 'status'? I am stepping WAYYYYYYYY back.
You were there in the airplane watching it all, right
The verdict was a total miscarriage of justice. I was at the trial and the woman had so many inconsistencies it was amazing. She claimed the Rabbi molested her, but didn't report it for a few hours, wanting to accumulate more evidence. She acted like a sleuth, a private eye, like on NYPD Blue. What a crock. Anybody who was molested would report it that same minute. What wasn't reported was that the Rabbi requested a seat next to a male at check-in but the flight was full. Besides, I saw her, and trust me, she was nothing to look at. Actually, I would do her with yours. A total hatchet job.
The judge, who attended the trial (obviously) characterized the rabbi as a liar. He had the opportunity to hear the complaining witness, and came to the conclusion that it not she who was giving a false account. I am glad that you know so much about being a victim that you can write a manual on how one should act
I thought Seal team 6 took this guy out last week.
Get this: The Rabbi is a MARRIAGE COUNSELOR! He molested a sleeping, female Israeli soldier!
I cannot wait for my wife to fall asleep tonight. Sexy time.
You can only use your hands!!! no more than twice