Florida Woman, 56, Busted After Allowing Her Breasts To Break Quarantine

A Florida Woman who insisted to cops that she was allowed to go topless while cleaning out her garage--in full view of her neighbors--was arrested for indecent exposure, according to a police report.

Responding to a 911 call “reference to a exposure of sexual organs,” cops spoke with a Vero Beach resident who said that a neighbor who lives across the street pulled down her shirt “and exposed her breasts to the victim and her children.” The minors, the report noted, ranged in age from 11 to five.

At one point, the witness said, the topless woman “bent over with her top down and started pounding on her blue plastic recycling bin making sure that the victim and the kids were looking.”

Upon confronting the suspect--identified by police as Stephanie Wright, 56--“her tan tank top was tucked under her breasts and I could visibly see her breasts,” reported Deputy David Ragley.

Pictured above, Wright refused Ragley’s initial request to cover up. “No, I’m in my garage and I don’t have to,” she reportedly said. After eventually pulling her top up, Wright explained that she had been “cleaning out her garage.” Asked why she was doing this topless, Wright “stated she was allowed to.”

After explaining to Wright that she was not permitted to be topless if the neighbors could see her, the deputy said that she “does not have an expectation of privacy with the open view of the street and neighbors.”

Wright was then handcuffed and told she was under arrest for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor. Wright was released from the county jail Friday evening after posting $500 bond.

A judge today ordered Wright to have no contact with the victims. Her arraignment is scheduled for June 2.