Utah Cops Arrest Creepy Bell Of The Balls On Public Lewdness Charge

A Utah man arrested yesterday for running around naked with bells attached to his genitals explained to police that his lewd display was done to prompt a reaction from witnesses.

Kenneth Allen Beck, 64, was collared Thursday by Utah County Sheriff’s Office deputies responding to a report of a naked man near the Diamond Fork Canyon hot springs in Spanish Fork, a city about 10 miles south of Provo.

According to cops, several underage witnesses described Beck’s naked gallivanting.

When deputies confronted Beck near the trailhead’s parking lot, he was dressed. However, Beck did not deny the accounts of the minors and said that he “just likes doing what witnesses described to see their reaction,” cops noted.

Seen above, Beck was cited for lewdness involving a child, a misdemeanor. Beck’s rap sheet includes a 2005 conviction for exposing himself to a female restaurant employee while ordering food.

It is unknown whether police confiscated Beck’s bells as evidence.