Fist-Punching “Guidos” A Menace In The Land Of 10,000 Lakes

Beware Minnesotans. Fist-cocked “guidos” are roaming the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

According to a Woodbury police report, Michael Giglio and Nicolaos Johns, both 25, were sitting on a patio at a suburban St. Paul bar this weekend when they yelled at two men who jumped the patio fence. For that Giglio got a punch in the face.

The description of the fence jumping perps--“’guido’ looking males” in their early-20’s, black shirts, dark slicked-back hair, and muscular--makes every male member of the Jersey Shore cast a suspect.

After the punch the duo departed and preceded to assault another man, Jesus Mancha. Marcha, 33, told cops he thought one of the assailants was named “Mike” but otherwise “was unable to provide a further description other than muscular ‘Guido’ white guy.”

Neither “guido” was apprehended and both victims told police they were not interested in pressing charges.