Another TMZ Exclusive Found To Be Exclusively Incorrect

It is sometimes hard to keep up with all the “exclusives” published by the gossip site TMZ (our favorite was the one about how Tiger Woods had to leave a driving range because it began raining). Yesterday’s fusillade of Lindsay Lohan scoops included the authoritative news that she would “not have to spend the next 30 days in jail,” according to “sources connected with the case.”

“So here's the way it will go down,” the site confidently explained, noting that Judge Elden Fox would set a probation violation hearing, remand Lohan, and immediately set bail, which would allow the actress to post bond and “walk out a free woman.” Since Fox is likely not on the TMZ dole, it’s unclear how the site magically divined his plans re: Lohan.

The Los Angeles jurist, of course, this morning revoked the actress’s bail and ordered her jailed until an October 22 probation hearing.

Comments (2)

Bet you feel stupid now, eh Smoking Gun? Maybe Judge Fox didn't grant bail, but TMZ was still correct in claiming Lohan would avoid spending the next 30 days in jail. The only reason it didn't go down exactly like they claimed was because Judge Fox ignored California law and made an ass of himself. He's not the only one.
The "exclusive" appears to have simply been "solid legal analysis." She is out of jail because the judge got the beat-down on appeal. And fast. I certainly don't buy "exclusive" + "TMZ" any more than anyone else does -- total BS in all situations, even this one -- but in this case they were more right that you gave them credit for. Right enough that the appellate court wasted no time in correcting the judge's error.