Cops: Caregiver Performed Sex Act On Unconscious Man Brought To Hospital By Cops

A hospital caregiver in Utah is facing a sodomy charge after police discovered him performing a sex act on an unconscious patient who had been transported to the facility by cops after he was found intoxicated at a residence.

The January 21 incident at Logan Regional Hospital resulted in the arrest of Hal Weston, 46, for forcible sodomy. Weston is pictured at right in a mug shot taken at the Cache County jail.

According to police, the male victim was brought to the hospital after officers were unable to rouse him after he passed out in a police cruiser. At the hospital, the unconscious man (who was to be charged with public intoxication, trespass, and public urination) was put into an exam room, which was concealed behind a curtain.

Cops noted that an officer, who had been writing a police report, went into the exam room to check up on the unconscious man. That’s when patrolman James Gale spotted Weston performing oral sex on the patient around 2 AM.

The hospital worker was then arrested and transported to the county lockup. He bailed out of custody later that day.

Weston was named in a felony criminal information filed Tuesday in Cache County District Court. He has been fired from his job at the hospital.