Sword Wielder In Makeshift Facial Camouflage Nabbed By Indiana Cops

An Indiana man bearing some unusual DIY camouflage was arrested yesterday after allegedly attacking a man with a sword.

According to an Evansville Police Department report excerpted here, Ricky Lee Kalichun, 45, arrived at his former roommate’s apartment early Wednesday morning and demanded the return of a video game console. When his roommate refused, Kalichun “pulled the sword/knife from its sheath and attempted to swing the knife.”

Arresting officers reported finding “a large sword type knife sticking down the front of Kalichun’s pants” and, as seen in the above mug shot, “the male had his face painted with a black marker.” No explanation was given as to why Kalichun--who was wearing a "camouflage coat"--painted his face, though cops noted that the suspect had “red/glassy eyes and was speaking in slurred speech that was not understandable.”

Kalichun was booked into the Vanderburgh County jail on charges of intimidation with weapon and public intoxication.

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Meet Indiana's king of kung fu
Like i'm gonna quit meth cause of one little incident!
you will never get that big contract with Mc Donald's this way.
Why so serious?
Truth be told, he probably cut himself shaving.
I'll bet he's one of those yahoos who blares his crappy music through the open mic during Black Ops multiplayer on XBox Live.
I'm thinking NES
This article is useless without knowing what kind of video game console we're talking here!