Iowa City Cops Seek Man Who May Have Discovered Fire

Iowa City cops are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man they believe was a witness to an arson fire Saturday night. To that end, police have released this composite sketch of the gentleman being sought for questioning.

It is unknown whether other individuals were present at the blaze’s outset, or if the man in the sketch solely discovered fire.

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looks like the Cro Magnon man that DISCOVERED fire to begin with....
He was just trying to help an owner save a ton of money on insurance, with arson.
I never knew Jesus was a Neanderthal ...
There is a very strong resemblance to the Supermarionation puppets in Stingray, Supercar and Thunderbirds.
Holy balls, so easy even a cave-man could do it.
He must have had a really good look at the fire since it looks like the fire completely burned off his eyebrows.
Witnessing arson: so easy even a caveman could do it.
That's the guy from the Geico commercial and the ABC Cavemen show.
I think I saw him in the Pacific Northwest. Sasquatch sightings remain high there.