Poor Patron Interrupts Man's Pleasure Session At Iowa Public Library

What do you say when a fellow library patron turns a corner and spots you, penis in hand, furiously wanking away?

“Oh, hi,” is what Leroy McFarland, accused public masturbator, came up with Friday afternoon when his illicit pleasure session at a Sioux City Public Library branch was interrupted.

McFarland, 44, “looked surprised” and sought to cover himself with his sweatshirt when the female witness spotted him, according to a criminal complaint charging him with indecent exposure.

A cop working at the library subsequently approached McFarland, who apparently kept touching himself after initially being spotted.

As McFarland was being walked to a police squad car, "a sex toy fell off of him," states the complaint, which does not further describe where the item “fell” from. A search of McFarland yielded two other sex toys from a sweatshirt pocket.

McFarland is being held in the Woodbury County jail in lieu of $1000 bond. He is scheduled for a June 11 court hearing.

McFarland’s rap sheet includes convictions for assault; trespassing; drunk driving; disorderly conduct; narcotics possession; public intoxication, criminal mischief, possession of drug paraphernalia; and violating a protective order. According to court records, McFarland resides at the Sioux City Gospel Mission, a homeless shelter.