The Warning "HANDLE WITH GLOVES" Seems Appropriate For This Keistered Pot Pipe

Despite repeated evidence of law enforcement’s ability to locate contraband hidden on (and in) arrestees getting booked into jail, perps persist with their smuggling attempts.

Take John David Hall, for instance.

The 33-year-old Floridian was busted for an outstanding warrant following a traffic stop last Wednesday night in Port St. Lucie. At the time of his arrest, a cop asked Hall if he had “any drugs, weapons, needles or anything illegal,” according to a Port St. Lucie Police Department report. He answered no.

Hall was then transported to the county jail, where an intake deputy asked if he had “any illegal contraband on his person, such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons.” Again, Hall answered no.

However, once inside the jail, when a deputy began to search him, Hall admitted “he had a pipe on him.” He explained further that it “was a marijuana pipe and it was in his rear end." As seen above (click to enlarge), the pipe was seized by jailers and turned over to police who placed it into an evidence bag with a red “BIOHAZARD” warning and the entirely unnecessary reminer to “HANDLE WITH GLOVES.”

For “keistering” the pipe, Hall--pictured in the mug shot at left--was hit with a felony count of introducing contraband into a detention facility, as well as a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia charge.

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I am shocked. This guy had no idea he was going to be arrested for outstanding warrants that day yet he had his pipe stashed in his rectum. This means that he likely inserted this thing every day. Must have liked it.
Peter Potsmoker premeditatedly placed a pot pipe in his pooper to procure plenty of protection while in prison. How many pot pipes could Peter Potsmoker premeditatedly procure from his pooper to protect his personals? Pauly Policeman prematurely prevented Peter Potsmoker from pilfering a pot pipe in his pooper in prison. How many pot pipes could Pauly Policeman procure from Peter Potsmoker's pooper w/ a plunger?
Lol! "Plenty."
"Caution: May make normal objects appear edible." Seriously though, what kind of retard sneaks in a bowl to smoke the wacky weed? Could you at least go for something thin and more potent, like a meth pipe or crack stem? Sneaking in a dose of meth to your belligerent, incoherant cellmate is either a way to avoid a raping, or possibly an invitation to a more painful raping involving teeth and a shank made from part of his bed..Wouldn't know, personally.
Maybe it's some kind of new medical marijuana hemorrhoid treatment.
This guy needs to be taken out of circulation...he just ain't right!!
Maybe he kept the pipe there because it's for his special stash. It's part labrador part Maui Wowi. Yeah, his dog ate his stash. He had to follow the dog around for three days to get it back.
he probly dont even smoke weed.