Police Arrest Michigan Man For Biting Off Nose Of Female Friend During Party Dispute

Meet Stephen Medawis.

The Michigan man, 56, was arrested last night after allegedly biting off a large chunk of a woman’s nose during a dispute at a house party in Grand Rapids.

The 44-year-old victim was bleeding profusely when cops responded to a 911 call about the attack. Officers recovered the severed piece--about one-third of the woman’s nose--from a staircase landing in the apartment building where she and Medawis had been partying, said Lt. Scott Weitzel of the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Weitzel said that cops believe alcohol was a factor in the assault.

Medawis, who was arrested after he returned to the apartment, is being jailed on a felony charge of assault with intent to maim.

The victim, who cops described as a “friend” of Medawis, was transported to a local hospital, though it is unclear whether reattachment surgery was attempted.