Cops Release Mug Shot Of 18-Year-Old Charged In Brutal McDonald's Assault

UPDATE: Brown was busted for assault last year at same McDonald’s

Meet Teonna Monae Brown.

The 18-year-old is facing assault charges for allegedly beating a woman in a Maryland McDonald’s (video of the brutal attack went viral late last week).

Brown, who lives several blocks away from the Baltimore-area eatery, was arrested Friday on three assault counts in connection with the April 18 assault of Chrissy Lee Polis, 22. A second alleged assailant, who is 14, has been charged as a juvenile.

Brown is pictured above in a mug shot released this morning by the Baltimore County Police Department. She is being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center in lieu of $150,000 bail.

A District Court filing reveals that Brown’s own sister approached cops to report that her sibling “had just told her that she assaulted a woman at the McDonald’s located at 6315 Kenwood Avenue.” Deshawn Brown added that her sister told her that the juvenile suspect “was with her and assaulted the woman too.”

In a police interview, the 14-year-old suspect admitted that she had been at the fast food restaurant with her friend Brown, and that they “both got into a fight with a woman over using the bathroom.”

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Well it makes a BIG difference when a he/she does a beat down on another woman! He is still physically stronger than a woman. The other question is if he did this a year ago, why is he out of prison? This is not something anger management class is going to solve. He has too many issues that society shouldn't have to be subjected to.
She is even uglier than he is.
If you have rented, borrowed, stolen, or bought hair, please stay home, thank you.
18 w/ a felony assault charge. A 14 y/o tagging in. What are the parents doing @ this? Are they even present? Or do they expect Rev Al to show up & flash his medallion laden arse to defray the guilt? The girl's got anger issues written all over her mug. SHE'S the one w/ the problem & needs long term treatment. Put it on Rev Al's tab!
Let's be truthful. The victim was a young man. It doesn't lessen the crime, but honesty is always best.
Davey, let's be truthful. The victim is a transgender woman. She prefers to be referred to by female pronouns and, legally, she is a woman. Get over your childish hate and read books or something. Maybe then you can work your way out of the ignorant, hateful box you live in.
You're the one being hateful and ignorant. Davey spoke the truth with no malice. Wearing a dress does not make a guy a woman. Neither is a surgically altered guy a woman. No legal ruling can change that.
Classy. Pretty sure that fact doesn't matter at all.
It may not matter, but it is accurate.
Actually, it's not accurate. She is legally a female. No offense, but maybe you should read up on transgender issues and find some empathy for people like her who are struggling with something that you are fortunate to not have to struggle with. She's a human. Show some respect.