Cops: Glass Meth Pipe Found Hidden In Arrested Man's Fat Roll During Jail Strip Search

An overweight Missouri man had a glass meth pipe hidden inside a roll of stomach fat when he was recently booked into jail on narcotics charges, according to court records.

Richard Evans Fotopulos, 45, was charged yesterday with two felonies in connection with his alleged attempt to smuggle narcotics and drug paraphernalia into the Christian County jail following his May arrest.

Following a traffic stop, Fotopulos was arrested when a cop found marijuana and methamphetamine in his vehicle.

While Fotopulos was being booked into custody, he was subjected to a strip search in the inmate shower. As first reported by the Springfield News-Leader, jailers seized bags of meth and pot in his socks. They also discovered that Fotopolus had a glass meth pipe stashed under a “stomach skin fold,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Fotopulos is scheduled for an October 7 Circuit Court arraignment. He is pictured above in a photo uploaded last September to Facebook (where his account includes the handle “lilfoto”).