Woman, 71, Struck Man, 38, In Face When His Phone Kept Ringing During "12 Years A Slave" Screening

After a man’s phone rang several times during a screening of “12 Years a Slave,” a perturbed 71-year-old Florida woman allegedly struck her fellow moviegoer in the face, according to cops.

On Wednesday, Jean Pierre Louis, 38, was watching the film about the enslavement of Solomon Northup when his “cell phone began ringing several times” inside the Royal Palm cineplex in Bradenton, police report.

The distraction did not sit well with Annette Dimon. Seated behind Pierre Louis, the septuagenarian “kicked Pierre Louis’s seat in protest.” When Pierre Louis stood up and turned around, Dimon allegedly “pushed his shoulder” and “struck his face.”

When questioned by a sheriff’s deputy, Dimon (pictured above) claimed that “Pierre Louis had hit her hand away when she reached out for him.”

Pierre Louis, who sustained no injuries, told a deputy that he “did not want an ‘old lady’ to go to jail and just wanted an apology.” Dimon subsequently apologized to Pierre Louis via the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

Pierre Louis signed a waiver of prosecution against Dimon, and was provided “a case number on a victim’s rights brochure.”