Pantsless Colorado Skier Laughs At Today's Ski Lift Glitch In Maine

Today’s glitch on a ski lift at Maine's Sugarloaf resort got us reminiscing about the poor guy who was depantsed in the most embarrassing (and non-fatal) accident ever to occur on a chairlift.

January 1 marks the two-year anniversary of the bizarre incident at the ritzy Vail resort in Colorado that left a man hanging upside down from a chairlift. The unfortunate (and unidentified) gent, 48 at the time, is seen below in a photo (click to enlarge) snapped by another skier near Vail's Skyline Express lift.

Other photos and TSG’s original story can be found here.

It is unknown whether the skier, who reportedly was unhurt in the mishap, pursued legal action against the Vail resort, though a review of civil litigation turned up no evidence of such a lawsuit being filed in Colorado.

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What's the big deal? I ski like that all the time.