Cops Quiz Wisconsin Man About Profane Anti-Obama Message On His Pickup Truck

An Army veteran who painted “Obama Fuk Off” in large letters on his truck was questioned by Wisconsin cops after police dispatchers received a complaint that the profane message was inappropriate “for kids in the area.”

The anti-Obama sentiment was spotted last week on Dennis Hamm’s pickup, according to a Racine County Sheriff’s Department report. After being contacted by deputies, the 55-year-old Hamm reportedly said that he did not care about reactions to his message.

Hamm contends that he did not misspell the word "fuck" on his truck's tailgate. Instead, "Fuk," he notes, is actually an acronym for "Fundamentally Useless Kenyan."

Click here for a photo of the three-word message on Hamm's 1986 Chevrolet.

The sheriff’s report is being forwarded for review by the village attorney in Union Grove, where Hamm’s truck was observed outside his home on Main Street.

According to his Facebook page, Hamm, seen at right, served in the Army from 1973-1976. Hamm--who uses the nickname “Wild Boar”--describes himself as “Still fighting for the freedoms I served to protect. Carry a weapon as a means to convince those who have a distorted view of ‘Free Enterprise’ that things must be earned, not taken.”

Included among Hamm’s Facebook favorites are pages for Fox News Channel; Mitt Romney; Rep. Paul Ryan; Gov. Scott Walker; Beretta USA; and Electric Light Orchestra.