Man Wearing "Full Face President Obama Mask" Robs New Hampshire Bank

A man wearing a “full face President Obama mask” robbed a New Hampshire bank this morning, according to police who apprehended a suspect shortly after the 10:30 AM incident.

Aided by witnesses, Merrimack Police Department officers arrested John Griffin Jr., 52, in connection with the Bank of America robbery.

As seen in the above bank surveillance photo, the masked robber wore a suit coat, white shirt, power red tie, and black gloves. He also carried a Walmart bag, presumably for robbery proceeds.

Upon arresting Griffin, cops discovered he was carrying a loaded handgun (which he apparently did not brandish during the robbery).

Seen at right, Griffin, a Newport, New Hampshire resident, was booked into the local lockup for robbery. He is being held in lieu of $75,000 cash bail in advance of a September 20 Circuit Court hearing.

Last year, a gunman wore an Obama mask during the armed robbery of a McDonald’s in Riviera Beach, Florida.