Cops: Karaoke Singer Assaulted Ohio Bar Patrons After Getting Booed Off Stage

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A karaoke singer whose performance was met by a cascade of boos at an Ohio bar allegedly punched three people in the face after he was asked to leave the watering hole Tuesday night, police report.

Isiah Johnson, 20, was singing karaoke at Cabana Jack’s “when people started booing at him,” a bartender told cops. In response to the razzing, Johnson “threw down the microphone,” according to a Sandusky Police Department report.

At that point, Johnson, pictured in the above mug shot, was escorted from the bar. After returning, he was again asked to leave. That’s when Johnson allegedly began punching guys in the face (three men were hit, cops noted).

Johnson was eventually pinned to the ground by two other men until police arrived. He was “noticed to be under the influence of intoxicants,” reported cops who charged Johnson with three counts of assault, obstruction, resisting arrest, persistent disorderly conduct, intoxication, and underage consumption.

The police report does not indicate what song Johnson was allegedly butchering when the Cabana Jack’s crowd turned on him.