Here Is Another Reminder Why Jail Employees Should Not Allow Inmates To Prepare Their Lunch

An inmate working in the kitchen of a Florida lockup is facing a felony battery charge after he allegedly befouled a salad served to a jail employee, police report.

Anthony Gentile, a 43-year-old sex offender, was in the kitchen of the Manatee County jail Sunday morning “preparing salads” when he “took a spoon he was using and placed it down his pants and rubbed his genitalia with it,” according to inmates interviewed by a police detective. Gentile then allegedly “took the spoon and placed it back in the salad he was preparing.”

Gentile, witnesses recalled, then “placed his genitalia on the salad” and “took the bowl of salad which he had just defaced and spat in it.”

Investigators charge that Gentile then gave the salad to a jail employee and “asked him to taste it to make sure it was alright.” The victim, a kitchen worker, “tasted the salad not knowing the defendant defaced the salad,” according to a probable cause statement.

“The bitch is out there eating it,” Gentile triumphantly remarked to fellow inmates (who dimed him out to authorities).

Pictured above, Gentile was charged with “battery of facility employee with bodily fluids.” While his bond was set at $1500, Gentile is not leaving jail anytime soon. He is four months into a 364-day sentence for having sex with an underage girl. The felony conviction has landed Gentile on Florida’s sexual offender list.