Here's Where Wannabe Haitian President Wyclef Jean Actually Lives

While waiting for the official ruling on whether Wyclef Jean is eligible to run for Haiti’s presidency--the sticking point is whether he satisfies the impoverished country’s five-year residency requirement--here’s an aerial view of the musician’s actual home.

Located in leafy Saddle River, N.J., the musician’s two-acre spread includes a 6517-square-foot main house, a second building, and a swimming pool. Jean and his wife purchased the residence in 1998 for $1.85 million, according to Bergen County records. Click here for a larger shot of Jean's property.

Jean has contended that his possession of a Haitian passport somehow equates to residency (along with his ownership of a property outside Port-au-Prince). Jean’s passport, though, has likely spent most of the past five years in a Garden State desk drawer.

[UPDATE: Haiti electoral council rules Jean ineligible for presidential ballot.]

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Couldn't possibly be in Haiti. There are trees in that picture.
Hey mon, I jes bee smokin' some weed and chillin' mon. Gnomesayin?
If this man gets in for some unknown reason, I hope the US and all other countries that donated money to Haiti elect a commission to oversee every penny of the money. That is the only reason he wants to become president so he can steal the billions of dollars that country now has at it's disposal. what a joke he is. A real worthless peice of crap.
You have a good understanding of the game. Get yourself into a position (preferably of power) where you can enrich yourself. The POLs would have us believe their motives are entirely altruistic. It's usually about the cha-ching. Then you have our U2 buddy Bono who formed a company located in the Netherlands (lower corporate taxes) which "owns" his music. He has to "pay" to play his own music and he avoids the tax man that George Harrison wrote about. But bono still jets about the globe wanting the UN (read US) to fund his causes. Michael Schumacher (7 time F1 driver) moved from Germany (of course for privacy issues) to Switzerland and negotiated his taxes much lower than what regular Germans pay (50-65 %).
Amen! He's such a prententious POS
The house was purchased in 98, he had made his money by then. Now, he's realized the way to make big money is through politics and charities.
Not for nothing but how do these musicians make so much money today? I thought everyone was ripping off their music through illegal downloads. Unless it`s all from touring? Do that many people go to see Wyclef Jean?