Prosecution Document Dump Includes One Chilling Photo From Scene Of Trayvon Martin Killing

Included in police evidence photos released yesterday by the prosecutor handling the murder case against George Zimmerman is a chilling image showing the can of watermelon Arizona Iced Tea that Trayvon Martin was carrying in his Fruit of the Loom hoodie when he was shot to death in late-February.

As seen in the above image (click to enlarge), the 23.5 ounce can was photographed atop a medical blanket. What viewers of the photo might not realize, however, is that the teenager’s body was beneath that yellow covering.

“The victim’s body was covered with a yellow plastic blanket with an Arizona Ice Tea can on it,” according to a Sanford Police Department report. A detective noted that the can was “inside the victim’s Sweatshirt pocket and had come out while first aid was being given.”

The can was subsequently collected and logged into evidence along with other items recovered at the shooting scene.