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Cops: Cat Used As Weapon In Domestic Battery

Woman busted after confrontation with girlfriend

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Cat Battery

APRIL 8--In a total pussy move, a Florida Woman allegedly battered her girlfriend with the couple’s cat, according to an arrest report.

Police say that Susan Freudenthal, 53, and the 44-year-old victim were arguing Wednesday evening over “fidelity issues” in their shared Largo residence. During the squabble, Freudenthal “swore that she was not cheating and was faithful to the victim,” cops reported.

At one point, the victim said, Freudenthal grabbed one of the couple’s pets, a cat, and “held it up in the victim’s face.” Freudenthal “swore on the life of the animal that she was not cheating,” a Largo Police Department officer noted.

The cat, cops say, “was distressed and it scratched the victim.”

When questioned by police, Freudenthal “admitted to holding the animal close to the victim to prove her point and swearing on the life of the animal that she was not cheating.”

Freudenthal, seen above, was arrested for domestic battery, a misdemeanor. She was released yesterday afternoon from the county jail on her own recognizance.

Upon being arrested, a “polite and compliant” Freudenthal contended that “she was the true victim,” according to the arrest report, which lists the weapon used in the alleged battery as “feline.”

Freudenthal, who has lived with the victim for four years, was arrested last year for allegedly punching her girlfriend in the mouth during a drunken argument about their relationship. Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue a domestic battery case against Freudenthal. (1 page)