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Cops: Couple Gave LSD To Their Dachshund

Animal hit by car after owners shared psychedelic drug


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Dog On LSD

11/1 UPDATE: "Oscar" the dachshund has died

OCTOBER 31--A couple arrested last night after they were seen running naked on a Georgia roadway while tripping on LSD told cops that they gave the drug to their dog, who was later hit by a car, according to a police report.

Witnesses told Snellville Police Department officers that they spotted a “completely nude” Nicholas Modrich, 25, running with Jaime Hughes, 25, who was naked from the waist up. By the time cops arrived, the pair had returned to a Pinehurst Road residence, where a “very agitated” Modrich answered the door in the altogether when police knocked.

The residence, police noted, was “in disarray,” with blood on the living room carpet, money scattered on the floor, and a large bag of what appeared to be marijuana on a table. Cops also reported that the home was littered with numerous beer bottles, a water pipe, and a digital weight scale.

Asked if they had done any drugs, Hughes said that the pair “had done acid earlier.” She also repeatedly asked about the whereabouts of “Oscar,” their long-haired dachshund.

Since they appeared deeply under the influence, Modrich and Hughes were transported by ambulance to a local hospital. En route, they told a Snellville cop that “they had given acid to their dog.” The pair also confessed that “they had taken acid, smoked marijuana, and drank alcoholic beverages earlier in the day.”

While cops were still at the Pinehurst Road home, Modrich’s mother and brother arrived at the residence with “Oscar.”  Mary Modrich reported that she had received a call that the dog had been hit by a car, and that she picked the dog up to return the animal to her son’s home.

While the police report does not detail the dog’s condition, officers did note that the animal bit both Mondrich’s mother and brother. At that point, a cop took custody of the injured dachshund, which was subsequently turned over to the county’s Animal Control service.

Modrich and Hughes were each initially charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. But they both could face additional narcotics and animal cruelty charges after their release from Eastside Medical Center. (1 page)