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Dead Squirrel Tossed In Drive-Thru Window

Man, 26, sought “extra nuts” for his late rodent


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Dead Squirrel Tossed

DECEMBER 13--While all sorts of stuff has been thrown by enraged motorists through the drive-thru window, it wasn’t until last week that someone got arrested for heaving a dead squirrel at a fast food worker.

The bizarre incident at a Hardee’s in Bartonville, Illinois resulted in a disorderly conduct charge being leveled against Christopher Thompson, 26, according to police reports that carry a brief case summary: “Male threw dead animal through drive thru window.”

A Bartonville Police Department investigation determined that the deceased squirrel had been placed on the dash of Thompson’s vehicle “as a prank” by a friend. Instead of disposing of the animal, Thompson, pictured at right, left the dead squirrel inside the vehicle when he went to Hardee’s, where the “2/3 lb. Monster Thickburger” will thicken your arteries.

Thompson told cops that when he pulled up to the drive-thru window for his grub, “he began to pet the squirrel and make it talk to the female employees of Hardee’s as a ‘joke.’” Hardee’s worker Deborah Roberts, who waited on Thompson, said that after Thompson placed his order, “he asked for extra nuts for his squirrel as he pet it.”

After telling Thompson that she did not believe the animal was real, Roberts turned away from the window. That’s when the motorist said, “Yes, it is,” and “threw the dead squirrel into the restaurant.”

A Hardee’s patron, going beyond the call of duty, removed the animal and placed it in the snow outside the eatery (where the police later snapped several evidence photos, which can be seen here).

When a cop interviewed Thompson last week at his residence, he confessed to the “prank,” claiming that he thought “the drive thru window would close, not allowing the squirrel to enter the business.” Thompson, police noted, was issued a village ordinance citation for disorderly conduct.

Police Chief Brian Fengel said his department takes incidents like this seriously, adding that such behavior would not be condoned in the Peoria-area village (pop. 6310). (2 pages)

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What the hell he would have done with the dead squirrel.He wont have kept it with himself. But instead of burring it in grave he just threw him in strange brat he is... squirrel baffle
@RLWieneke? Really? Dead animals carry germs? So do live animals..... Did you really think Hardees wasn't in the business of serving dead animals as food?
To: Facts I'm so glad I have this opportunity to educate the uneducated. Here is a new concept for you: "Processed Meat", "Refrigeration", "Proper Cooking". These are all methods used to insure disease is not spread, A dead squirrel laying on a drunks dash in his car is not a healthy thing to keep around. If you think it is, why don't you find a dead animal and leave it on your car dash for a week or two.
"The male then through a dead squirrel through the open drive thru window." That's a lot of through/threw/thru's. I can see how you botched the spelling ociffer.
From the looks of most of the comments the majority of you regardless of your age are no better that this beer guzzling idiot that threw the dead squirrel. If it was up to me, the lot of you would be isolated in a society separated from normal people where you could commit acts like this to your hearts content and suffer the consequences of your actions with no protection from the "adults". Consequences?, what consequences? We have health laws is this country, A dead animal carries germs and disease and you idiots would be the first to scream if it was you who got sick from contamination at a restaurant.
Did she want fries with that?
Will he be known as the Squirrel bomber?
I have no idea why.....but this story made me laugh hysterically.... tears running down my cheeks..... and I really needed a good laugh.... no disrespect to PETA
Your comment tells a lot about your character.
So does yours - lame *ss weiny.
"Police Chief Brian Fengel said his department takes incidents like this seriously, adding that such behavior would not be condoned in the Peoria-area village (pop. 6310)" ------------------------------- I'd say Bartonville PD has way too much money in its budget if its got its 12 officers spending even a second of their time tracking down squirrel crime? I'd be willing to bet this Police Department buys brand new cars every three years or when they hit 50,000 miles. So much money is wasted by Bartonville PD, its time the city took a look and cut some of the waste.
a_patriot is dead on... When I grew up in Chicago, the cops would have laughed and hung up. No wonder the municipalities are broke. If the police can respond to calls like this, I think a lay-off is in order. Big deal...
Well OF COURSE he THREW it in. It was DEAD. Do you think it was going to skip through the window under its own power? I remember when the MO of 3/4ths of Americans wasnt TO GET SOME SELF RIGHTEOUS, MANUFACTURED-RAGE and ANGER AND CALL THE SELF RIGHTEOUS, MANUFACTURING-RAGE COPS FOR EVERY STUPID LITTLE EVENT IN LIFE. Grow up, people, running to the teacher is so fifth-grade
wELL of course HE threw IT IN. iT WAS dead. dO YOU THINK IT WAS GOING TO SKIP THROUGH THE WINDOW UNDER ITS OWN POWER? i REMEMBER WHEN THE mo OF 3/4THS OF aMERICANS WASNT to get some self righteous, manufactured-rage AND anger and call the self righteous, manufacturing-rage cops for every stupid little event in life. gROW UP, PEOPLE, RUNNING TO THE TEACHER IS SO FIFTH-GRADE tHERE, FIXED it for YOU!!!
He is definitely a squirrely nut.
Look at the photo of the "defendent" - his photo speaks VOLUMES about the personality and kind of stand up "guy" we're dealing with here - he's a little punk - all the way.
Lol - you need to sit back and smoke some reefer man - lighten up giryl man!