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Man Who Can't Spell Busted For Vandalizing Car

Vermonter scratched "sult" into hood of ex’s Pontiac


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Bad Speller Busted

DECEMBER 14--A tip for poor spellers everywhere: If you’re going to retaliate against an ex for ending a relationship by vandalizing their car with a derogatory word, go out and get yourself a dictionary.

Last month, Vermont resident Brittany Speckman discovered that her 2005 Pontiac had been keyed and the license plate was bent. The hood of the vehicle, which was parked across the street from Speckman’s Bennington home, had scratches on it that appeared to spell out “sult.”

Yes, someone was actually trying to brand Speckman a “slut.”

According to an affidavit filed in Superior Court, it did not take long for Speckman to identify Adam Hall, a former boyfriend, as the suspected vandal. As she explained to a cop, “she did not think Hall could spell at all.” Additionally, Speckman discovered two prior text messages in which Hall, 34, referred to her as a “sult.”

When a cop first confronted Hall about the vandalism, he denied responsibility. But in a subsequent interview, his spelling appeared to give him away. When an investigator asked him to write out the sentence “you are a slut,” Hall put pen to paper and wrote, “you are a sult.”

As a result, Hall was charged with felony mischief, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in state prison. (6 pages)