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Woman Stabbed In Eye During "Last Rib" Beef

Suspect busted for fork attack at barbecue

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"Last Rib" Stabbing

MAY 27--An Indiana woman is jailed on a felony charge after allegedly stabbing another woman in the eye with a fork during a dispute over the last remaining rib at a family barbecue, according to court records.

Sabrina Davis, 45, was collared Sunday night by cops responding to a stabbing call at the Muncie residence of Florence Gill, who was hosting family and friends (like Davis, who lives down the block).

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Gill’s daughter, Angela Watkins, was “upset that Davis was taking the last rib from the kitchen,” and confronted the guest “about taking all the food.”

As first reported by The Star Press, Watkins told police that Davis “had a fork in her hand that she was using to take meat from a pan,” adding that Davis stabbed her in the left eye with the utensil.

Lanika Marshall, Watkins’s sister, told officers that her sibling and Davis “were arguing over the last rib,” and that Watkins was “frustrated that Davis was taking so much food from the house.” Marshall added that she witnessed Davis stab Watkins with the fork.

During police questioning, Davis confirmed that “the dispute was over the last rib in the pan,” and that Watkins “was telling her she couldn’t take the last rib and moved the pan away from her.”

Pictured above, Davis claimed that she stabbed Watkins in self defense when “Watkins grabbed a knife from a dish drainer.” Watkins suffered “two small lacerations on her left eye,” which was swollen and bloodshot, cops reported. She subsequently “went to IU Ball Hospital for treatment.”

The 5’ 7”, 256-pound Davis is being held in the Delaware County jail in lieu of $5000 bond on the criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon count. (3 pages)