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NASA's Giant Leak For Mankind

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NASA's Giant Leak For Mankind

The astronaut's life isn't for TSG. First, those capsules and space stations seem more cramped than a New York City studio apartment. And then there's the whole bathroom thing. While NASA has developed a special toilet called the Waste Collection System (WCS), the "voiding" process is one to be avoided. In fact, the space agency is always looking for ways to refine that messy procedure, as these memos--released pursuant to a Freedom of Information request--show. Here's hoping that NASA testing and design modifications make those scary Bio Derm Wafers (for him) and Medpoint Adapters (for her) a more comfortable fit. And as for the recommended deodorization method, we can't believe NASA's four official "sniffers" actually chose Wizard Stick Ups over a hanging tree car freshener. If it works for a Gotham taxi, it should suffice for the International Space Station. Some highlights:


Page 1: Diapers bring bad news.

Pages 2-3: Choices for the guys.

Page 4: Instructions for the gals.

Pages 5-7: A urine collection overview.

Pages 8-11: Nobody beats the Wizard.

Page 12: NASA evaluation form.