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Thong Thief: I'm Not Guilty

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Thong Thief: I'm Not Guilty

OCTOBER 24--The so-called Wisconsin thong thief is expected Monday to waive his right to a preliminary hearing and plead not guilty to charges that he burglarized several homes in search of the barely-there underwear.

Anthony Scholfield, a 22-year-old college student, was nabbed in April after cops caught him breaking into a home occupied by eight young women. Scholfield told cops that he had previously invaded the home, but claimed that the break-in was, "just something I did for the fun of it. Call it a panty raid if you will. No harm intended just a little practical joke."

Scholfield offered to go to his apartment and fetch the pilfered panties. Cops opted for the search warrant route and found Scholfield's home overflowing with 854 thongs, which were stashed everywhere, from shoe boxes to a Pokemon lunch pail.

Here you'll find Scholfield's handwritten statement to cops, the Menomonie Police Department report on the thong theft, an e-mail from one victim describing which of her panties were swiped, and an inventory of the items seized from Scholfield's residence. (10 pages)