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Demi Moore's Kooky Accuser

The loon behind those Demi Moore harassment charges

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Lawrence Bass Domestic Violence

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MAY 12--Did you hear about the guy who has filed sexual harassment complaints against Demi Moore? Well, Lawrence Bass, 43, claims that the actress made two unwanted advances at him in 2001 (shoulder massage) and 2002 (inner thigh grope) while he worked as an estate manager at the 40-year-old Moore's Hailey, Idaho retreat.

According to a cover story in the new Star magazine (a piece that's been picked up in many more reputable publications), Bass has filed complaints against Moore with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Idaho's Human Rights Commission. He's seeking more than $200,000 because, after spurning Moore's second supposed seduction, he claims to have been unfairly terminated.

Of course, Bass's supermarket tabloid story mirrors the plot of the 1994 film "Disclosure," which featured Moore as the sexually aggressive and predatory boss of Michael Douglas. "She thinks she can turn on her sexual powers and get whatever she wants from any man, and, like her character in that movie, she seeks revenge when she's rejected," Bass told the Star, which surely paid handsomely for its "world exclusive" on Moore.

On its face, Bass's tale of woe seems ludicrous (firing or not, if Moore hit on TSG, we'd be shouting it from the Idaho mountaintops, not crying on the shoulder of some EEOC case worker). And, we've discovered, this Bass character does not appear to be the most stable victim/source you'll find. In fact, we'd love to know how he even got hired by Moore, since a brief TSG check has turned up seven restraining orders filed against Bass, a domestic abuse bust, and an outstanding arrest warrant for his failure to answer a five-count criminal harassment complaint. Here's a quick review of some Bass troubles, which came in Los Angeles prior to his hiring by Moore and subsequent relocation to Idaho:

* He was nabbed on a domestic violence charge in July 1998. Bass, who spent three days in the can following his arrest, pleaded "no contest" to a reduced count and was sentenced that October to three years probation, fined $200, ordered to perform 100 hours of community service, and directed to attend a one-year "batterer's program." As a result of the abuse arrest, a judge granted Bass's wife Sabine a permanent order of protection against him.

* In December 1999, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge signed four separate orders of protection against Bass after he threatened co-workers of a woman who cancelled a date with him. According to a declaration sworn by Alix Lawson, one of the workers, an incensed Bass showed up at the woman's office, where he verbally abused and threatened employees. The 6' 2" Bass warned one man that he had "put people in the hospital for less."

* Beginning in March 2000, Bass was involved in a series of bizarre and scary encounters with employees and representatives of GTE California, which provided him with telephone service. Bass, whose rage was apparently triggered by a cutoff of service for unpaid bills, threatened to make GTE president David Bowman and his family "fearful in their own home" and warned that he would soon "go militant." Bass told GTE security consultant Doug Kuehl that he was "digging up a cache of explosives" meant for him. After noting that he possessed weapons, Bass claimed that he once "was three seconds from popping a cap" into a GTE repairman's head. In light of these threats, a Superior Court judge signed protection orders in June 2000 barring Bass from contacting or going near Bowman or Kuehl and ordering him not to contact GTE California and its employees "for the purpose of threatening violence, engaging in acts of violence, or engaging in any harassing conduct." Those three-year protection orders expire next month.

* Since Bass left several of his threats on the voice mails of GTE employees, a criminal case was virtually tailor-made for Ventura County prosecutors, who, in August 2000, named Bass in a five-count complaint charging him with making annoying phone calls. During one threatening rant, Bass recounted a prior conversation with a female GTE employee: "When I first spoke to the bitch, she, I made it very clear to her that if you are wasting one fucking second of my time, I'm going to be fucking livid, and I will come after you every fucking legal way I can. And that is going to happen to the fucking cunt and also to GTE, and to fucking you, quite frankly, also. Because you're a filthy, lying, cock-sucking, son-of-a-bitch." When Bass failed to show for his September Municipal Court arraignment on the misdemeanor charges, a warrant was issued for his arrest. That warrant remains outstanding, according to court records.

* In March 2001, Bass's wife filed for divorce. Married in April 1997, the couple had been separated since September 1998, shortly after Bass's domestic abuse arrest. But when Sabine Bass tried to locate her husband to serve him with legal papers, he seemed to have evaporated, and could not be located via friends and family. Granted a default judgment, Sabine was legally free of her AWOL ex that October. Little did she know that he was just a couple of states away desperately fighting off the amorous advances of a Hollywood superstar.