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Filing Details Alleged Attack By IMF Chief

Dominique Strauss-Kahn in seven-count complaint

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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Strauss-Kahn Complaint

MAY 16--Here is the criminal complaint filed today against the International Monetary Fund chief accused of attempting to rape a maid Saturday at a New York City hotel.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 62, was arraigned this afternoon in Manhattan Criminal Court on seven counts, including attempted rape, sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment charges.

Strauss-Kahn, pictured at right, will remain in custody without bail until his next court appearance, State Supreme Court Judge Melissa Jackson ruled. Strauss-Kahn faces four felonies and three misdemeanors, with the top count carrying a maximum of 25 years in prison.

According to the complaint sworn by NYPD Detective Steven Lane, the IMF boss--who was widely expected to challenge Nicolas Sarkozy for the French presidency--assaulted the 32-year-old maid in a $3000-a-night suite at the Sofitel Hotel near Times Square.

The woman told cops that she entered the room to clean it around noon, believing that the suite was empty. That is when a naked Strauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom, touched her breast, and threw her onto the bed. After the woman broke free, Strauss-Kahn cornered her in a rear hallway, where he allegedly sexually assaulted the maid.

Strauss-Kahn, known in France as “The Great Seducer,” was subsequently removed by police from an Air France flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport, where he headed directly after the incident. He apparently departed the hotel in such haste that he left his cell phone behind. (1 page)

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Strauss-Kahn-Troll thought it was A-OK to spontaneously molest a maid because it he's an overzealous, deluded politician who thought he could get away with it. You can notice the deep regret in his eyes, his binge drinking finally reaching the tipping point. He is once and forever defeated as a politician, a spouse, a parent, and indeed a man.
I love when people say his rivals set him up it shows how dumb they are he was arrested by ny city detectives do you really think this maid was so slick she fooled them get real, he's just a drunk horny perv!
Hey, he's no drunk!
Maybe he thought the maid was included in the price of the $3000.00 a night hotel room. This man is an "elite" he can't be refused anything...
Sheeet, for $3K a night, I'd want at least a pair of naughty nite maids included with room. Also, the fact that he fled could still be consistent with a "set-up" plot. He realized he got gamed and decide to run for cover.
Anyone who would spend any more than $250 a night for a place to shower,crap & sleep is an idiot...
I agree but was it really his money in the first place?
You know this could have been a setup by political foes. Say, this libidinous Frenchman was told to expect some "entertainment" dressed as maid to enter his room at an appointed time. He comes out ready and unknowingly finds a real maid was sent to tidy up. Classic.
I was thinking the same thing other then poitical foe part. It could have been a mistaken identity issue. Either way his potitical career is over. I have no idea if he is going to jail or not. A man of that power is hard to put away.
Well, I think it is still possible to rape "entertainment." The strongest point for me is his running away immediatly after and jumping on plane. It sounds like, to me, he raped and ran, before the cops even got to his door. And despite what they said, I am going to guess this plane ticket was bought in cash at the gate minutes before. We'll see though.
I agree. From the looks right now he is about as guilty as guilty gets.
All is false allegations! The law should be changed as now every woman can sue a man and go to POLICE anf fill a sexual assult complaint. This happened to me. I had sex with one of my friends with agreemet. As I'm a married man I used a condom. After we finished sex she removed my condom, and said she is going to throw it in the toilet. Then she asked me to lend her some money when I said that I can't she started to say that I will regret for this. She went to my toilet and out the sprema from the condom all over her. Then she went to the POLICE and complained that I raped her! Of course they took me in costidy immediatelly!! Lucky I had a dihhen camera above my bed which recorder everything! This was illegal, but enough evidence for my attorney to convince the judje, and put her in jail. So MEN be careful even when you use a condom!!!! So all this can really be a tactical move to remove him from the TOP of IMF and as a French candidate for president.
You should invest in spell-check & what an asshat you must be, I hope your wife took you for everything you own and then some...if you have children...I weep for them..."Lucky I had a 'dihhen' camera above my bed" (sic)...what a loser you must be and not much more to add regarding your 'F mate' two deserve each other...
Thats why you pay your hookers.
you are icky.
There will always be some one who is falsely accused of what ever crime you can think of, but those are few and far between. Most women don't report the sexual crimes because they are treated so badly by police and attorneys and people like you. So people who do commit these crimes continue until they attack some one who has no past to be used against them and are brave enough to face the insinuations and see it through to a conviction. If he is guilty, which will be decided by trial, I hope he rots in jail!
Agreed, although those falsely accused of say burglary tend to reintegrate better and have the false charges forgotten quicker than those accused of some sort of sexual crime. And I venture false accusations are more widespread than you may think.
You need to write articles for the Wall Street Journal....they would welcome your talent.
Why is the "criminal complaint" not signed by the deponent and not dated?
“The Great Seducer,” most likely committed this kind of criminal activity on his previous visits to the United States, but apparently was able to abscond before apprehension. Now he can hide naked in the prison showers and jump out to supprise his fellow detainees....he'll have a new name of "The Great Moaner"..the police reported that he tried to push the maid's head onto his disgusting tiny genitals twice...he should get the same treatment in jail
The French today commented "...until now unthinkable here: police arresting a top-level politician on a matter of morals." and "... in France we tend to treat things like this a little bit lightly" So, I take it the French don't have many woman "raped" - I feel sad for them.
Bill Clinton used to to this stuff and nobody got excited, but now, another world-famous socialist gets charged for it. What happened? Did he get caught listening to Limbaugh, or something? I don't get it.
I guess you don't know the difference between getting a BJ and raping a woman. It really doesn't suprise me. You don't get much.
Ever hear of Juanita Broderick? Oh I know, you're going to say that accusation was all made up and a smear job against Clinton. Truth is you just don't want to hear about it and if you refuse to acknowledge it, then it never happened. It really doesn't surprise me. That's how leftists roll.
You right, extra maritail affairs are exclusively a Democrat thing...
Comments should be factual and thought-provoking, but short of that they should at least be mildly entertaining. Nice wiff Wille!
Oops, WilliamPenn had the audacity to criticize a Democrat. The same ol' leftist commenters just can't tolerate anyone saying anything bad about their Democrat idols. Guys, you know they're just people and not Gods, right?
Now you're confusing politics and religion...
I hope this sounded better in your head, because out here--where real people are--it sounds pathetic.