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Exposing A Soft-Core "Survivor"

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Exposing A Soft-Core "Survivor"

 12/19 UPDATE: Heidik wins "Survivor: Thailand," walks away with $1 million. Sure beats getting assaulted by your wife! Below you'll find our original story detailing Heidik's porno past.

AUGUST 19--When CBS last week announced the new "Survivor" cast, the network identified one contestant as a "top used car salesman" named Brian Heidik. The network bio says the 34-year-old California man previously worked as a stockbroker, motorcycle salesman, writer, and actor. His "varying acting credits," CBS noted, included a 1992-3 stint on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives," and one-shot appearances on "Baywatch Nights" (1995) and "Doogie Howser, M.D." (1989).

What CBS failed to mention, however, was Heidik's more recent cinematic work. He has appeared in a variety of soft-core porn movies where he can be seen cavorting naked with a variety of chesty partners. Heidik, credited in the soft-core titles as Dave Roth, appears in such productions as "Virgins of Sherwood Forest," "Passions Obsession," "Sinful Obsession," and "The Pleasure Zone." Heidik's soft-core work--most of which was released in the last couple of years--can be occasionally seen on Cinemax or Playboy TV.

Not surprisingly, the Heidik vehicles are all short on plot, but chock full of groping, licking, and apparently simulated sex (in all forms and filmed from multiple angles, though only Heidik's partners are shown full-frontal). The "Survivor" contestant is easy to spot in the soft-core productions because of a large tattoo of a tiger on his right shoulder (the same tattoo is clearly visible in the above CBS promo photo of Heidik).

Spokesperson Colleen Sullivan told TSG that network brass were "absolutely aware" of Heidik's soft-core resume, adding that she did not believe CBS officials "sat down and had a screening of the films." While not acknowleding his recent filmed performances, Heidik's CBS bio does note that he is a member of "the National Association of Homeowners and The Chamber of Commerce."

NC-17 ALERT: What follows is a selection of photos of Heidik in action in some of these soft-core flicks (we've avoided the more explicit scenes and blacked out some body parts where appropriate). Where we have the information, we've included the name of his co-star.

* With Kim Dawson in "Passion Cove: Where Have You Been All My Life?"

* With Amber Newman in "The Virgins of Sherwood Forest."

* With Alicia Moorland in "Passion Cove: Where Have You Been All My Life?"

* Threesome: With Ginger Monroe and another gal in "Passion Cove 2."

* With Shannon Leigh in "The Virgins of Sherwood Forest."

* Starring in "Passion's Obsession."

* Starring in "Sinful Obsession."

* Starring in "The Pleasure Zone."