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The Flunky Vs. The Junkie

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"Crazy Cabbie" Bankruptcy

The Flunky Vs. The Junkie

With John "Stuttering John" Melendez's stunning victory today (5/31) over Lee "Crazy Cabbie" Mroszak in The Flunky vs. The Junkie, consider this:

1) Now that he has apparently stopped smoking his paychecks, Crazy Cabbie seems to be a bit flush--which wasn't always the case, as these bankruptcy court records show. In 1993, Mroszak--then a divorced cabbie living in Minnesota--went Chapter 13, listing nearly $10,000 in debts, ranging from a $35 dental bill to a $4850 credit card statement (as for that mention of a "Brown Institute," that refers to a Minnesota radio school, not to the period Cabbie once favored the company of men). Now ten grand may not seem like enough to force you to seek Chapter 13 protection, but Mroszak had only earned a measly $12,000 in each of the two preceding years. So that 10k hole probably seemed pretty deep at the time. But the best part of Mroszak's bankruptcy filing is the fact that a federal magistrate threw out the case after dopey Cabbie failed to show for a key court hearing and never bothered to fork over an initial $100 restitution payment. (6 pages)

2) Here you'll find a recent exchange of correspondence between New Jersey's State Athletic Control Board (SACB) and Tom Chiusano, K-Rock's general manager. SACB officials recently approved Chiusano's application for a promoter's license to stage the fight between Melendez and Mroszak. According to the SACB letter, the combatants are required to wear mouthpieces and "protective groin equipment," and be certified as medically fit by a doctor (luckily, a psychiatric exam is not mandated). And both fighters are subject to a check for outstanding criminal warrants. As for Chiusano's letter, which he sent prior to applying for his promoter's license, you gotta love how he tries to grease things with the reference to that planned $10,000 donation to Atlantic City's Police Athletic League. But we're not sure what Tom meant with the statement, "As always, certain elements of the Howard Stern Show are scripted and this show will follow that format." (5 pages)