DOCUMENT: Celebrity

Puff Daddy Video Special

Like you, The Smoking Gun was not invited to Sean "Puffy" Combs's gala 29th birthday party in New York City. The invitation to the November 4 event came in the form of a short video tape delivered to Combs's nearest and dearest. On the tape, a cavalcade of cloying celebrities make cameos plugging the bash and saluting the artist also know as Puff Daddy, PD, Bad Boy, Puff, and P Diddy (our favorite).

While we would love to offer this entire video--a massive ego trip by the rap impresario--our server could not handle the stress. So you'll have to settle for excerpts from Puffy's vanity production, a copy of which was given to us by one appalled invitee. But remember,you are not invited! So don't RSVP to Icon Lifestyle Marketing at (212) 929-3800 to find out the secret party location. (Hint: The bash is at Cipriani's, 55 Wall Street, NYC)

Some highlights from Mr. Diddy's video:

YOU'RE CORDIALLY INVITED -- (Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Pat O'Brien, Magic Johnson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Robin Leach, Ellen DeGeneres, Sammy Sosa, Mariah Carey)

BIG APPLE (Rock, Sosa, Penny Marshall, Wyclef Jean)

RSVP (Leach, Rock, Jean, Will Smith)

IT'S GONNA BE... (Ben Stiller, Derek Jeter, Clive Davis, Todd Oldham, Stephen Dorff, Jon Bon Jovi, Veronica Webb, Tyra Banks)

OR BE SQUARE (Shaquille O'Neal, Rock, Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, Russell Simmons, Justin Combs)

BONUS TRACK DeGeneres on the Wheels of Steel!