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Tales Of The (Video) Tape

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Tales Of The (Video) Tape

To win "Survivor: Africa," bothersome contestant Brandon Quinton will have to last in Kenya's Shaba National Reserve for 39 miserable days.

But it probably won't be as bad as the former make-up artist's 81-day marriage to his college sweetheart.

As the CBS web site notes, "Although gay, Quinton was married to a woman during college, but is now divorced and single." As Oklahoma District Court records show, Quinton's briefly beloved, Kristin Strong, filed for divorce just weeks after the couple's November 1995 nuptials (Brandon was 19 at the time). Her petition notes that there was a "complete and irreconcilable incompatibility between the parties."

We're not sure what took Kristin so long to figure out that Brandon preferred the company of men, but TSG had an immediate hunch when we found out the "luxury item" he chose to bring with him to Africa was Chap Stick. (4 pages)