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Domestic Battery Rap Dropped In Water Pistol Case

Woman was arrested for squirting Florida boyfriend

Water Gun

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Water Gun Assault

DECEMBER 6--In a commendable bit of prosecutorial discretion, a domestic violence charge has been dropped against a 19-year-old Florida woman who was arrested for an unprovoked water pistol attack on her boyfriend, records show.

Giovanna Borge was busted in September following a confrontation with her beau in a Port St. Lucie apartment. Borge, pictured at right, told officers that her boyfriend “said something to her that she did not like,” so she “took a water pistol and squirted him with water.”

Following the pistol dripping, the pair tussled, with Borge claiming that her boyfriend struck her with a pillow and dumped a container of water on her head.

But since Port St. Lucie Police Department officers decided that Borge was the “primary aggressor” during the September 27 incident, she was collared for “squirting water” on the victim to “antagonize and agitate him against his wishes.”

Circuit Court records show that Florida prosecutors opted not to pursue the misdemeanor charge against Borge, who had been ordered to not come closer than 50 feet to her boyfriend, whom she had dated for a year. (2 pages)