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Burst Condom Sinks Bid To Game Urine Test

Probationer, 25, left drenched and facing new charges


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Condom Of Urine

DECEMBER 10--Q: What’s worse than a condom breaking during sex?

A: When a condom filled with someone else’s urine bursts when you’re trying to pass a court-ordered drug test.

When Dejon Wallace, 25, arrived last Friday at the Monroe County Probation Office in Pennsylvania, he was prepared to “take a drug test as part of his probation” imposed for convictions earlier this year for possession of drug paraphernalia and using a false ID.

But since Wallace had used five folds of heroin a day earlier, he “tried to use someone else’s urine” to pass the December 6 test, according to a criminal complaint.

After Wallace “went to the restroom with a probation officer to take his test,” the officer “heard a noise and noticed a large amount of liquid on the floor in front of” Wallace, who was “covered in urine” and “holding a broken condom.”

Wallace, pictured in the above mug shot, admitted that he “had tried to deploy a condom filled with someone else’s urine to pass his drug test.” The complaint does not identify the source of the urine, nor the amount supplied.

Wallace was charged yesterday with a pair of misdemeanors for the alleged urine gambit. He is being held in the county jail in lieu of $5000 bail and is next due in court on December 16. (2 pages)