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Atlanta Felon Flies North

Mug shot roundup acknowledges roots of newest Eagle

mug shot roundup

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Atlanta Felon Flies North

AUGUST 14--To mark the NFL return of dog killer Michael Vick, this week's mug shot roundup commences with a suspect who was busted Thursday, the day Vick's signing with the Philadelphia Eagles was announced. The 56-year-old Floridian was nabbed for driving with a suspended license, a felony since he has been habitually popped for this crime.

As for the remaining perps, a few notes: 1) The tattoos seen on page #4 are on the back of a 23-year-old woman arrested last Friday on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and pot possession; 2) The 23-year-old California man on page #6 was arrested twice this week for disorderly conduct; and 3) Despite appearances, that is not a kitchen sponge on the cranium of the Georgia gent on page #8 (who was collared Tuesday for burglary). (14 pages)