Backup Bashes Brown & W's Wild Wacko

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Backup Bashes Brown & W's Wild Wacko

Governor Bush Death Threat

On to the paper at hand:

1) In the latest installment of "backup singer sues frontman," Lisa Rushton claims that ex-boss James Brown once tried to hit some really high notes with her. In this Georgia Superior Court lawsuit filed in August, Rushton claims that the Godfather of Soul invoked God (and offered Norplant) in a bid to seal the deal. Just more work for JB's legal squadron. (5 pages)

2) And you thought CBS's Craig Kilborn was the only idiot threatening the life of George W. Bush? Well, as this criminal complaint details, one Winfred Ener was busted by the Secret Service for a recent bizarre performance in front of the Texas governor's mansion. Dance the fandango, Winfred?! (2 pages)