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Because He Got High?

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Because He Got High?

He may be riding high as the star of the new movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," but Jason Mewes faces a court hearing on a charge that he violated his probation, terms of which were set last year by a New Jersey judge who sentenced the 26-year-old actor for a felony heroin possession conviction, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Mewes has allegedly failed to show up for required meetings with his probation officer, which has led Monmouth County, N.J. law enforcement agencies to schedule a December 14 revocation hearing in Superior Court (such hearings occur when a "substantive violation" occurs, according to a Monmouth probation official interviewed by TSG). Mewes's lawyer, Peter O'Mara, blamed the revocation bid on"miscommunication" between probation officers in New Jersey and Los Angeles, where Mewes now lives and where his probation is apparently supervised. O'Mara was unaware of the revocation hearing when he was first contacted by TSG.

As these police and court records show, Mewes was busted after a March 1999 traffic stop in Keansburg, a Jersey Shore town. Police there spotted a '93Plymouth, with Mewes in the passenger seat, driving on Main Street "with its air bag deployed." When cops pulled the car over, they noticed Mewes trying to stash a "metal package" in his girlfriend's purse. After discovering a hypodermic needle in the container, they searched Mewes and found a smallbag of heroin in his sock.

He pleaded guilty last February to possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and was sentenced to two years probation, ordered to undergo substance abuse counseling, and submit to random urine testing.Mewes was also fined $1000, had his drivers license suspended for six months, and was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

Mewes, who has played a hilarious stoner in director Kevin Smith's films, also appears in the music video for this summer's most requested song, Afroman's drug-themed "Because I Got High." Mewes and Smith are seen in the video smoking a spliff the size of a Duraflame log. Here's what follows:

Pages 1-2: Keansburg, N.J. police report.

Pages 3-4: Indictment filed against Mewes.

Pages 5-7: Prosecution statement of facts.

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