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Bowing To Authority

Every week, thousands of Americans tie one on for their mug shot

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Bowing To Authority

JUNE 5--Striking a blow against the sloppy suspects often seen in booking photos, a dapper Texan kicks of this week's mug shot roundup. The 26-year-old was photographed Monday after he popped in at a local jail for a quick in/out booking for driving with a suspended license (the suspect had been previously convicted for drunk driving).

The balance of this week's images need no notations, with the exception of the photo on page #7, which shows the body art of a 19-year-old Florida man nabbed for felony theft. While one of the tattoos claims 'NO REGRETS,' we're guessing that the young perp now wishes his ink dealer had a dictionary when attempting to spell the word 'shameless.' (14 pages)